Saturday, August 9, 2008

The weekend is almost over

Thursday started off with a mini disaster, the washing machine flooding the laundry room, just as I was heading out to my weekly game of Canasta, but after that it was plain sailing all the way. Got a card done on in the afternoon, another anniversary one, a bit of a rush job, but it was well accepted. The 'Message of Love' image is from Bev's Decoupage Two CD.

My curiosity got the better of me after seeing Jak's stitching card, so thought I would have a bash myself. Decided on the Flowering Vine, a freebie on StitchingCards, found the thread in my cross stitching stash and found it quite relaxing to do.

Out here in Bahrain, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. So with Friday being the equivalent of a UK Sunday it was out for Friday Lunch with friends. Then today had to go into town and sort out my mobile phone. Recently changed from being pre-paid to being on a contract. On the pre-paid system I could call both locally and internationally, however when I changed to the contract the dumb salesman guy didn't tell me that I had to ask to have international calls and roaming added on to my contract. Anyway it's sorted now and all ready for heading away to the Far East in September.

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Sue said...

Lovely cards and am glad that things are looking up now. Hope all your troubles are over for this week.