Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Wedding

After 18 months of planning, Sarah and Mikey's big arrived on a lovely dry 6th of August. It was an early start for the bride and her entourage with Bruce, the hairdresser, arriving at 8.30am to begin the preparation.

The final touches

Followed by Debbie, make up and Susan, photographer. Although the house was full of people everything went smoothly and we were all ready by 12.45pm.

Ready, just to put on the dresses

Just about ready to go

Groom, Best Man and Ushers arriving at church

Sarah, true to her word, wasn't late in arriving at the church, if anything a few minutes early. Sarah and her dad, were standing ready to walk down the aisle and Stephen, the minister, said 'sorry, it's only 1.28pm and you'll have to wait till 1.30pm'.

You're early!!!!!

Here Comes The Bride

I was very good and managed not to shed a tear as I watched her coming down the aisle on her dad's arm, something I haven't managed yet when I watch the video of the day. Even in the largish church that we were in, surrounded by over a 100 family and friends the wedding service felt very intimate and personal.

Once the formal part of the day was done, we headed off to the Community Park in Strichen - the village where Sarah and Mikey have set up home - for some photos.

The Bridal Party

Mr & Mrs Duncan

Once that was over it was over to the hotel, for the reception. I have to say that the hotel staff couldn't have been any more professional and helpful. Everything was spot on. Although we were running slightly late before the meal began, by the time it was finished we were back on schedule without feeling that we had been rushed through the meal.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fab Candy

My good friend, Pinklilacs (aka Linda J), has on offer some fab candy. Why don't you pop over and put your name in the hat.

Ooops nearly forgot to give the directions - here they are - and this is what is on offer

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Chillin'

Am getting back into the groove on the card making front, which is great as I have a few birthdays coming up both at home in the UK and here in Bahrain. The next one on my calendar is my eldest daughter's birthday.

Just recently she has been really busy both on the work and home fronts. On the work front travelling around West Africa. The home front is a bit harder for me as she is packing up her flat to head away to Canada for year.

What a year for me of family moving on. Tara going to Canada and Sarah getting married and moving into her new home.

Going back to Tara's card, as I said she has been busy so I thought this imagine was just what she should be doing on her birthday, putting her feet up and chilling.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Birthday

Still got some photos of the wedding to put up but thought I would give you a break from the wedding chatter.

After the excitement of the wedding it was back to work for me on Sunday and it was not long before we have a school birthday. As usual I do a card for the staff birthdays and we celebrate with a wee bit of cake. So the first birthday of the new school is Shella.

Happy Birthday Shella

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Hen Party - Version 2 and Blackening

There are many wedding traditions, some universal and some local. A North East of Scotland tradition is for the Bride and Groom to be 'Blackened'. When a bride or groom is blackened, it is a messy business, so no best outfits on for this event!!!!

Having stocked up on heaps of supermarket own brands of baked beans, spaghetti, soup, curry sauce, porridge oats, boiled up copious amounts of spaghetti and rice and various similar edibles, the girls got mixing. Having captured the bride, who submitted to being gunged without a struggle the blackening began. Not only does the bride get covered in the edibile goodies, the girls end up similarly covered. The next stage is to parade the bride around the town with her entourage making as much noise as possible.

The Hen Party - Verison 2 was a very subdued affair compared to the blackening.

Don't we scrub up well!!!

Linda and Fiona

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Hen Party - Version 1

As part of the build up to the wedding, there were a couple of girlie events to take part in. The first was the May Day weekend. Some of you might remember it for another reason - William and Catherine's big day.

Kate and Will (aka Sarah and Mikey)

We too had our own wedding celebration to attend - Sarah's away hen party at Inverness. We had a great weekend, with good company and fantastic weather. We were all suitably attired in our best wedding outfits to enjoy the Will and Kate's wedding.

Louise, Emma, Sarah, Kelly-Ann

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