Monday, January 5, 2009

December's Goings On

The Palace Noticeboard has been very bare for the last month. Not because nothing has been happening, but I just didn't seem to get a minute to myself. Know that things have quietened down a bit thought I better let you all know that I am still in the land of the living.

Thought a quick update of what has been happening at the Palace was in order. Where to start? Well just before I left Bahrain to head to a chilly north east corner of Scotland we handed over a cheque for BD500 to ThinkPinkBahrain.

Billy and Me with the cheque
Me with Doreen from Think Pink Bahrain

Left Bahrain on the 9th of December and headed home to Scotland from Christmas, needless to say I was frozen but it was great to breathe the fresh air at home. The first week at home was running about like a headless chicken getting all the christmas shopping done, before Billy arrived home a week later than me. He hates christmas shopping so much that if I left it up to him he would be doing it at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

Billy was no sooner home when we had to took a quick trip down to Edinburgh to visit, the family down there. We let the train take the strain and had a great couple of days in Old Reekie. Dropped by the German Christmas Market and sampled some Gluehwein, which certainly heating us up on a cold and windy day. On the Thursday morning that we left for Edinburgh the washing machine and dishwasher packed in. However by the 23rd we had the new dishwasher and washing machine installed. Breathed a sigh of relief as I didn't want to spend Christmas and Boxing Day in the sink washing up.

Between coming home from Edinburgh and Christmas managed to squeeze in a few visits to catch up with friends.

Christmas Eve on then upon us and it was into Hell's Kitchen for me, getting everything ready for lunch on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. All the hard work on Christmas Eve proved well worth it as everyone enjoy their lunch on both days. Had the 3 kids, my mam and dad, Billy's dad and my dad's sister - my favourite aunt - Moira.

The day after Boxing Day was tidying up and packing day as Billy and I were leaving to head back to Bahrain on the Sunday. What a trip back that was!!!!! Our flight was delayed in Aberdeen which meant that we missed our connecting flight to Bahrain. As a result had an overnight stay in Amsterdam of KLM. Continued our journey back to Bahrain on the Monday and arriving back in the house just after 1.00am on Tuesday morning.

New Year and January news to follow!!!!

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