Thursday, September 3, 2009


Good evening one and all and apologies for neglecting the Palace Noticeboard over the last couple of weeks. I swopped the heat and humidity at the Palace for the wind and rain of my holiday home in Scotland. Although I got a break from the heat, it wasn't very restful as I spent a lot of the time catching up with all my gal pals back home who I didn't manage to see when I was home in July.

Anyway, bet you are wondered what is going on with the heading of todays' post. Well Tuesday saw me heading back to work to prepare the next school year. However, once there I was told to go home until Sunday as I had only got back into Bahrain and I had to be 'quarantined' for a week in case I had Swine Flu.

Spent some of my extra holiday time tidying up and re-arranging some cupboard. Also working a wee project, which I can't put up on the Noticeboard until I hand it over to a friend who sometimes pops in to read any Palace announcements.

Thanks for popping by.

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Louise Emma said...

Glad you didn't grow a tail hun!!!!