Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Help for Katie

Where to start with this one. Although 2011 looks like being a happy year for me for Katie it might be such a happy year. I came across her story via Jak Heath, who many of you know is a fabulous crafter and an inspiration to many.

You can read all about Katie here.

Anyway, Jak has got together with some very talented artists/crafters to help put together a package of digital designs that you can get by making a donation of £15 to the 'Help for Katie' cause. As Jak says on her blog what you are getting would cost you a lot more than £15 if you were to buy one of each item individually. As well as getting all the digital designs, each £15 donation will be eligible for a prize draw for a variety of crafting prizes.

I hope some of you out there decide to join me in donating £15 to the 'Help For Katie' cause. One reason why I have no hesitation in donating to this cause is that cancer has touched my family twice. Firstly my darling hubby - Billy - is a survivor - 20 years plus and second, my brother-in-law is currently fighting.

Thanks for popping by.

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