Friday, August 14, 2009

Tourists in Dubai

Seeing it has been a wee while since I was last in Dubai - 10 years ago - thought it was about time I did a return trip and what a lot of changes there's been. So on Sunday, Sarah and I headed off to Dubai deciding to be more like tourists than shoppers. Having said that we did do some shopping.

For the touristy side of our trip we booked trips on the Big Bus Tours. For anyone going I would say it is well worth booking their trips. The first trip was on Monday, doing the Red Bus City Tour. Although we saw a lot of sites, don't think this time of year is the best time to do it as lot was of the sites were outside and it was really hot and humid, by the end we felt like two damp grease spots. However it was an interesting tour.

Raffles Dubai

Dubai Creek

So headed back to the hotel for a quick refreshing shower before heading out again to join the Big Bus' night tour. I would say that one of the best sights on this tour was the Burg Al Arab Hotel all light up.

Burg Al Arab by night

Tuesday morning saw us on the Blue Bus Beach Tour. There were several good photo ops on this one, again the Burg Al Arab, Souk Madinet Jumeriah and Atlantis Hotel and its aquarium. At today's tour had a lot more indoor stops so didn't end up as damp grease stops.

Burg Al Arab by day

Atlantis Lost Chambers

Watching the Jellyfish

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