Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hen Party - Version 2 and Blackening

There are many wedding traditions, some universal and some local. A North East of Scotland tradition is for the Bride and Groom to be 'Blackened'. When a bride or groom is blackened, it is a messy business, so no best outfits on for this event!!!!

Having stocked up on heaps of supermarket own brands of baked beans, spaghetti, soup, curry sauce, porridge oats, boiled up copious amounts of spaghetti and rice and various similar edibles, the girls got mixing. Having captured the bride, who submitted to being gunged without a struggle the blackening began. Not only does the bride get covered in the edibile goodies, the girls end up similarly covered. The next stage is to parade the bride around the town with her entourage making as much noise as possible.

The Hen Party - Verison 2 was a very subdued affair compared to the blackening.

Don't we scrub up well!!!

Linda and Fiona

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