Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy Friday and Spending Saturday

Not much crafting be done this week, apart from working on the Menu for a forthcoming function for the BTB's, which I managed to get finished last night.

Yesterday, Friday, was a lovely day here in Awali. As it was Billy's first Friday off since the beginning of February and having Sarah out here as well, decided to have a day at home soaking up some of the rays and have the first bbq of the year. We did a roast beef, and I do have to admit it was delicious. Compliments to Chef Billy.

Today it was quite overcast, although still warm. Can't make up my mind if it was caused by a sandstorm or if it is an ominous sign of rain to come. So today we decided to head off to the City Centre Mall. Billy has been speaking about getting a Tux Suit to wear to some of the functions that we go to instead of his kilt. Did he get a Tux Suit, NO, but he came away with a Crombie-style overcoat which had been reduced in a sale by 75%. It is something he has wanted for years, so he can now score it off his wish list. Mind you don't when he will get to wear it out here. It will, more than likely, be going home to Fraserburgh the next time he heads home. I got a couple of 'Posh Frocks' as well as a couple of skirts and a pair of trousers for everyday.

Since we got home, have spent the time on a cut and paste job for the school. A new alphabet homework book, to use from September, instead of having to get sheets photocopied every week. Got the numbers one finished earlier in the week. All that remains to do is get the front cover sheets done, so better sign off for today and get them done.

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