Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hong Kong - First Couple of Days

Finally arrived safely in Hong Kong, despite a bit of a hiccup with our flight from Bahrain to Doha. It appears that they had forgotten to tell us that the flight we were booked on was cancelled for the month of Ramadan, so it meant that we were put onto the later flight which meant we didn't have any time in Doha. 25 minutes from getting off one flight before boarding the Hong Kong flight. Once we arrived at Hong Kong it was on the Airport Shuttle Train to Kowloon and then a short taxi drive to the hotel. The hotel is lovely and have a lovely view.

For a wee bit of retail therapy don't have to go too far, a big mall is linked to the hotel.

On Sunday we went over on the famous Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong and had a bit of wander about.

Can't believe how things seems so peaceful in the tiny parks which are surrounded by all the hustle and bustle.

Today we decided to stay on Kowloon and hit some of the malls near the Star Ferry, starting off at the Ocean Terminal but ending up in a couple of others which link in. Retail heaven but I wish as I was a size 6 to 10 as everything seemed to be for the smaller end of the size range.

The evenings have been spent at the local street markets, where you can buy almost everything!!!! My bargainning skills learnt in the souqs in Bahrain and Saudi have been helpful here.

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