Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relaxation Heaven!!!!!!

After Hong Kong, we headed for Kota Kinabula, a 3-hour flight from Hong Kong. Beginning to think that the airlines take great delight in stressing us out at the airports. This time we were on the bus waiting to be bussed out to the plane when they announced that there was a slight techincal problem with the plane and our departure would be delayed by an hour.

They say things come in threes. Only dread to think what the next/third airline glitch will be!!!!Anyway once we finally took off everything went smoothly arriving at the hotel, Pacific Sutera. Speak of a room with a view.

After breakfast on Friday morning, had a wander round the resort.

In the afternoon, just lay beside the pool.

Finishing off the afternoon watching the sunset. And what a sunset it was.

Relaxation heaven!!!!!!!!!

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