Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last Supper!!!!!

On our last night in Hong Kong had supper in what was recommended to us as one of the best chinese resturants on Kowloon, not only for food but for the views as well, Hutong. Before we sat down to eat, had a wee cocktail in Aqua Spirit - the bar above Hutong. Can only say that the recommendation was spot on. This was the views from our table, the first taken at twilight and the second is the night view over to Hong Kong.

Had to take a photo of the wash basin in the ladies restroom, never having been in one like this

The only photo I didn't get was the look on Billy's face when we sat down at the table and he saw that the only eating implements were chopsticks and not a knife or fork in sight. Not that I am an expert at eating with chopsticks but I think we both managed really well. At least we didn't have food all over the table or ourselves!!!!!


budge said...

What some lovely pics,and lots of memories I would think. It looks a beautiful place.
Sylv xx

Margaret A said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It's not too bad a day here in Scotland this morning, but I know where I'd rather be.
Hope the rest of your stay is as enjoyable.