Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haggis Hunting

After finishing the 'Will You Be My Cupcake' card had planned to get a couple of cards made to send home for February's birthdays, but things in the Palace took a turn for the worse and causing me not end of stress.
It all started last Monday when Billy asked me to check if the haggis which I had ordered for Awali Callies Burns Supper had arrived at the hotel. I check the carrier's website only to find that the haggis shipment was on hold. When I phoned up to ask why, and after several phone calls I was told that haggis was banned as it was beef product and that all beef products from the UK/EU was banned due to mad cow disease. I explained that we had always brought it in for Burns Night and that we could buy the same haggis on the island but I couldn't get the quantities that I needed on island. I was advised to go the carrier's office and they would take me to Customs and see if I could get it out.
So off I toddled to Customs, only to be told that yes I could get it but we couldn't use it as a detention order had been put on it.
After many telephone calls we were told that the haggis would have to be destroyed. So here we were with the prospect of having a Burns Supper without no haggis. But we Scots are a resourceful bunch and we managed to get enough haggis from various sources to serve up haggis at the Burns Supper on Friday night.
And, Yes, we had a great Burns Supper, now the fight starts to get the detained haggis out of detention.
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